Beginners to Intermediate Course

We offer everything from the basics to understanding the fundamentals of photography!

We guarantee you will really know your way around your camera and understand how to use it to its full potential by the end of your 5 week course. The course is divided up into modules and class will cover two modules per week. During weeks 4 or 5 a morning outing will be arranged on a Saturday or a Sunday were you will have the oppurtunity to go wild with your newly found skills.

The cost of the course is R3 300.00 and runs on a Tuesday evening from 18h30 to 21h30. We run a new course each month.  Contact us for personal one on one tutoring details.

Module 1
Getting to know your camera (Anatomy, Styles, Modes, What happens when you push the button? Understanding your cameras focusing systems)

Module 2
Camera Gear! Introduction to lenses, what they do, when to use to use what and what all that technical jargon means.

Module 3-6
Exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, white balance and colour temperature, exposure compensation.

Module 7
Composition (What makes a good photo, visual design, shooting landscape, people and objects)

Module 8
Post Production (Basic manipulation and understanding the basics of editing and post production.)

Module 9
Outing (Field Trip)

Module 10
Photo shoot evaluation, critique and questions and answers.