At Shutterbugs School of photography we help you take the guess work out of your photography!

Imagine being able to capture those images you have always wanted to take. We will teach you how to get the best out of your camera and enjoy your photographic passion to the full.

We cover all aspects of photography including photographic theory, practical photography, technical aspects and composition. All giving you the know-how and skills to start photography today.

Other courses we offer are Adobe Lightroom cc and Adobe Photoshop cc to process and edit your images for various platforms.

Many of our students just want to learn to take better pictures and learn their way around the camera. Whereas many of our students have taken that
same knowledge and gone on to be successful professional photographers shooting everything from newborns, weddings, sport, wildlife, fashion to commercial work.

Let us teach you how to take a good photograph on purpose!

Header image credits: Justin De Reuck